Review: The Hives

The Hives
““Veni Vidi Vicious””
(Burning Heart Records)

What the hell is going on in Sweden?  Here’s another fine band from the chunk of land best known for a bikini team, whatever the fuck that is.  At first, this Epitaph/Burning Heart release sounds a bit like the musical sex child of Iggy Pop and Tanner, with the vocals by Joshua Todd’s kid brother.  Aside from the slow but sweet cover of ‘Find Another Girl’ by Jerry Butler, the Hives blow thru each song.  Not too heavy, but fast and raw, pretty good for their second release.  This CD didn’t leave my car stereo for a week, as it never becomes repetitious, which is cool.  Great guitars! There is some sloppy but orchestrated guitars, with ‘Outsmarted’ and ‘Die All Right’ being highlights of this disc. Overall, very loud and bouncy shit.