Review: Frantic Mantis

Frantic Mantis
Data is Not Information

With Per Stalberk and Hakan Johansson (Division of Laura Lee) and Shelby Cinca (Frodus) at the helm of Frantic Mantis, you know before the disc even starts that this shit is going to be good. With cues from Les Savy Fav and At the Drive-In, “Data is Not Information” feels the same as a truck slamming into you at 83 mph, except without the excessive injuries and possible death. From the first note of “Creation Sickness” to the last computer blip on “;ASJDF0OP45644564EJKGL;S3DJAG5” this disc divides its time by being a post-apocalyptic look at the world through the screen of a game boy and by being the most creative punk rock to fall out of Sweden’s loins in a long time. Frantic Mantis have created their genre and named it datapunk. If your computer could pick up a guitar and turn all its garbled thoughts into rock, Frantic Mantis is who that little PC would sound like.