Review: The Fartz

The Fartz
““What’s in a Name?””
(Alternative Tentacles)

Ultra fast down and dirty speed punk from the heart of Pearl Jam country.  The Fartz’s CD cover boasts “15 tracks of thrash and mayhem” and they aren’’t joking around.  Any of you out there looking for safe, standard SoCal punk about high school girls will be scared as Hades by the rawness and rancor of The Fartz.  While not as adept musically as Propagandhi or FYP (which is saying something), their passion for all things political is nonetheless every bit as consuming and honest.  The Fartz (I giggle every time I type their name) rail against anything and everything: from the stupidity of war (“Heroes Come Home in Boxes”) to those jerkweeds with pillowcases over their heads (“Take a Stand Against the Klan”)-while still managing to cover Motorhead and Black Sabbath.  Not too shabby.   Plus, there’s something very satisfying about seeing Tipper Gore with an Alfred E. Newman makeover.