Review: Hate

““Holy Dead Trinity””
(World War III)

Another triumphant act off of new American label, WWIII; Hate is part of the new generation of Polish death metal, and their debut, Holy Dead Trinity, is a blistering and brutal offering from behind the former Iron Curtain.  Lovers of brutal epic death beware, Hate will surly capture your ears.  Focusing on Satanism and Evil, this is the dark menacing death metal that the 700 Club shit’s them selves about.  Lyrics aside, this album is a non-stop beat blast driven frenzy: the constant thump-thump-thump of the hyped up double bass hammers at length as tight guitars scream out blitzkrieg style riffs. Quality lead guitar solo’s displaying amazing whammy technique adds an amazing feeling of expression over the caustic fire of Hate.  Songs rarely drop down tempo at all, and when they do things don’t get very slow.  Even when guitars and bass crawl around mid-paced, the blast beats never stop.  The occasional interlude is rather comical Satan stuff, incantations, mumbles about evil and death, that sort of thing, so you might not want to let your parents hear it.  Still, it offers a nice respite from the constant aggression pounding out of the speakers.  The resulting sounds are impressive to say the least, an excellent first album worthy of much praise and earning a solid place in the underground.  Keep your eye out for this powerhouse and other bands on WWIII, you are pretty much guaranteed a great album.