Review: Elliot



A snapshot of a band, preserved for the fan. This is the last Elliot release. Packaged with a DVD documenting their last tour, the CD is essentially a ‘Greatest Hits’ re-recorded by the band. For those unfamiliar, Elliot creates ethereal, drifting, shoegazer indie rock that is so soft and full of melody, one dare use the word ‘beautiful’. But make no mistake, Elliot are not wussed out emo, rather, a group who is beyond talented at creating hauntingly elite melodies and wrapping them in hook laden pop structures. The end result is grand and words fail the overall splendor of sound Elliot creates. The disc pulls from their entire Revelation Records released catalog (their debut “U.S. Songs”, through “False Cathedrals” and from their final release “Songs in the Air”). A comprehensive gathering of their career, rerecorded and produced to leave the world with the exact impressions intended by the band. Elliot had a lot of heart and wore it on their musical sleeve. Listen, for they earned it.