Review: Early Day Miners

Early Day Miners
“All Harm Ends Here”
(Secretly Canadian)

Atmospheric, ethereal slow-core isn’t for everyone. Listening to this album in the car might make you run off the road, either from sleep or sadness. And that’s not a bad thing. This is a very emotionally powerful, moving piece of work. The Early Day Miners’ fourth album has a dominant hushed tone over minimalist instrumentation. The entire landscape this album presents is very organic yet sparse, especially on tracks like “Precious Blood” and “Errance”. The band doesn’t try to dress itself up with any out-of-its-element pageantries that would be incongruent to its very simplistic soundscape-and that’s good. Sit back and relax to this album because it’s neither flashy nor abrasive, it retreats into the breathy, multi-layered post-coital sadness of darkness and decay in a cruel, cruel world. But this world neither screams or spits blood, it’s just slow, agonizing melancholy. Music to slash your wrists to.