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back to DVD reviews home DVDAliceCooper Welcome Artist: Alice Cooper Title: Welcome To My Nightmare Label: Rhino Home Video

This is an original recording of the actual “Welcome To My Nightmare” live show, and it’s really something when you consider the performance was filmed in 1975. We’ve become so sophisticated and spoiled by all our years of MTV, you really have to appreciate what Alice Cooper was doing that long ago. This is NOT just a concert – it’s a complete THEATRICAL SHOW!! It tells a story, there are numerous theatrical participants in addition to the band, props everywhere and it’s just fun. I really don’t think Michael Jackson originated the crotch grab as he claims, since Alice is doing it off and on all through this show. And as overboard as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Jane’s Addiction and others may appear, Alice Cooper was gender bending when these guys were kids. I’m not talking about androgynous Glam Rock either. The lighting and filming techniques are not up to the levels we expect today, but they’re damn close, and this is a GREAT show to watch!

Mary G