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back to DVD reviews home dvd kungfu Artist: V/A Title: Secret Weapons of Kung Fu Label: Kung Fu

So your favorite Kung Fu artists’ video isn’t on MTV…what is one to do? How about this neat-o collection Kung Fu Records puts out of all their artists videos. From The Ataris to Ozma, “Secret Weapons of Kung Fu” carries all the labels heavy-weights. Some of the more memorable videos include The Vandals sick figure – cartoon version of “My Girlfriend’s Dead,” and a simple garage band shot of The Ataris for “San Dimas High School Football Rules.” Most of the videos are rather simply put together, a couple of them just Director’s cuts. What’s fantastic about the invention of DVD is that this 55 minute running disc does include audio commentary with a few of the bands along with previews to up-coming releases. There’s also videos created at live performances of some of the bands including The Vandals at their annual Christmas show. Included in this crisp-clear DVD package are No Use for a Name, Antifreeze, Assorted Jellybeans, Mi6, Useless I.D., Ozma, and of course The Vandals and The Ataris. The catch phrase of the video is “18 lethal music videos that will kill you or make you stronger. ” I just thought that was funny.