Review: John Dufilho

John Dufilho
I Remain, As Always, A Rabble Rouser From the Mountains

Hailing from Austin, the Deathray Davies’ front man has taken a break to record his debut on Austin’s own Glurp imprint. This album is kaleidoscopic in its scope of Dufilho’s talents (and probably reflects his diverse influences as well). The album opener (“I’m Gonna Stay Under These Covers Today”) is a kind of stripped down ‘dude-with-guitar’ track. However, along the way, we have clean pop tracks (“What are you Waiting For?’), Bright Eyes B-sides (“Nobody’s Right-Nobody’s Wrong”), lo-fi fragility (“Nate & Gray’s Theme”), and sometimes some good old power pop (“I’m Outside”). There is absolutely no reason why everyone is not listening to John Dufilho. He is quite possible one of the most talented independent musicians producing work today.