Review: The Deal

The Deal
““Yesterday, Today, and Forever””
(Facedown Records)

Southern California’s The Deal seem to be trying to bring back a bit of the old skool.  Mixing punk, oi!, and a little bit of that New York style hardcore, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of doing it.  I really wanted to hate this, being that the straight ahead, Rancid-esque type of stuff is like musical ipecac for me.  I have to say though, it tied my cynical ass up to a chair and I actually quite enjoyed it, and anything that can pull the big dark crystal away from the front of me that is sucking my essence, I have to give some respect to.  I was sitting in my suffocating cubicle in corporate hell, and listening to this CD really lifted my spirits a little bit.  Energetic, talented, well produced CD, I would recommend it.  If you are into Rancid, Dropkick Murphy’s, and Anti-Heroes type stuff, you will eat this up, so go out and buy it and support some So-Cal music.  You know what, even if you don’t usually like that stuff, you might dig The Deal.  Take The Deal, it’s a good one.