Review: Wonderlick

wonderlic (1)
(Future Farmer)

Easy going music.  That is confused in direction, and all directions are wrong to begin with.  Some songs are the ‘guy and his acoustic’ singing about, yes, love.  What is it about an acoustic guitar that makes any dolt think they not only know about love, but they have such an insight, they can put it into a song, and then record it, and now I have to listen to some guy talking about the ‘love that will tear us apart again’.  Cmon now.

An even worse affront is when Wonderlick goes for this, euro-trash bubble gum electronic approach.  I almost got interested when “How Small You Are” worked this pristine female vocal in, but then the main guy singer came bouncing in and now it’s Nerf Herder rhyme schemes on dismissible electronic backbeats.

The lyrics are very trite and sing-songy.  There is a difference between vocal melody, and driving a pattern into your head because it gets so annoyingly predictable.  And when I actually brave putting my full attention into the lyrics, this is what I’m rewarded with “I wanna love you – I wanna treat you right – I wanna rub you – And hold you through the night”.  If this actually gets this guy laid, I am truly amazed at what you women will put out for.  “There’s a black box recorder in my heart – It’s always on in case disaster starts – If I explode the box becomes a prize – they’ll play it back just to hear your lies”.  Ok now, that doesn’t even fucking make sense.  I want to bash my head against the wall for wasting this many words on this.  I would make some clever play on their name to make fun of them, but hey, Wonderlick is stupid enough.