Review: The Templars

The Templars
“Return of Jacques De Molay”
(GMM Records)

Sub-par punk on a really bad choice of distortion.  A hoarse throat barking out lyrics, that for some reason, seem of a political nature, but I can’t follow enough to pick up on anything.  The second track hit with such a used guitar progression, it sounded like I was at a junior high talent show, watching some 7th graders try to hold down the progression to ‘Louie Louie’ and fucking it up.  That’s the general problem with The Templars, using really really used ideas for musical progressions, recorded in a garage (sez the jacket) and sounding just like that (sez me).  That shitty band in the garage next door you wish would just give it up.  But they keep playing that one song, over and over (which is really ALL their songs, they just sound like the one shitty song).  Used used used.  Nope, nothing here I can recommend.  The world has plenty of cruddy pseudo-punk bands that wanna be the Clash. The Clash is dead. Officially. Deal.