Review: Wolfsheim

“Casting Shadows”

This is kind of a weird CD for me to review. With a name like Wolfsheim, I thought I would be in for some aggressive industrial music, but instead this CD is filled with trance like techno beats that have more in common with 80’s New Wave than Industrial. The album starts off with “Everyone Who Casts a Shadow”, which features a slow synth beat that you can see techno kids dancing to with glow sticks.

From there the album gets pretty diverse with slower tracks like “Ken Zuruck” taking listeners on a melodic trip to a song like “Wundervoll” which is kind of a head trip. Imagine the “Trainspotting” soundtrack in German and you get a good idea of what this is like. Despite the albums attempt at being diverse, the vocals do not really change from song to song, which managed to me a feeling of retentiveness and exhaustion.