Review: Atticus… Dragging The Lake II

Various Artists
“Atticus… Dragging The Lake II”
(Side One Dummy)

I don’t care if this is basically a commercial for one of the donkeys from Blink 182’s clothing line, it’s still a good comp. Twenty-six tracks with lots of unreleased bits from your favorite bands…let’s check out the goods.

We’ve got Hot Water Music blazing through “Remedy”, full throttle, smart emo-punk.

Oh, we’ve got Thrice doing “To Awake and Avenge the Dead” a breakneck escapade from metalcore’s coolest.

Oh my gosh, unreleased tracks by Finch (which, sadly isn’t that good), the Dropkick Murphy’s (doing “Fields of Atheny”, which you might recognize from No Use’s “Making Friends”), and shock-of-all-shocks, Blink 182 (your little sister will dig it)!

Holy smokes, Sparta is on here, too, and they’re doing some crazy post-punk rock that you’re really going to dig. They’re my favorite.

A band called Maxine rips.

“Pride War” by Further Seems Forever kicks some serious ass and any compilation that Jets to Brazil is on has got to be good, even if it isn’t a new song.

I didn’t really like Hot Rod Circuit’s last album, but if “Misled” is any indication, they’ve got back to their roots and you should be stoked.

Bane is on here, too, in case you thought this thing was a little too soft. The last track is a live version of “Crawl” by Alkaline Trio that beautifully captures Matt Skiba’s melancholy voice.

So even if this is a commercial, buy it.