Review: Wisenbaker

“Contemplating Whether or Not to Tell You, I Love You”
(Indianola Records)

I think the title of the album says it all.  I just had to fight back an urge to barf and laugh at the same time.  Sometimes I wonder when record labels put stuff out, are they sure it’s going to do well or do they feel a little sketchy.  The songs alternate between substandard indie rock and dinky pop.  The dualing vocals (female/male) are so sappy I want to curl up in my closet and hide from my stereo, why does this have to happen to me?  What Wisenbaker should be contemplating is where they’re going to get a day job.  God damn, I hope my roomates can’t hear me listening to this.

A highlight lyric that sums it up, “I want to see you fly!”.  If you ever find yourself grabbing your shoulders and rocking back and forth in a dark room thinking, “Why is life so hard? Why God?! Why?!” this is for you.  Everyone else, don’t put yourself though what I just endured.