Review: Whatever it Takes

Whatever it Takes
“A Fistful of Revolution/Stars & Skulls EP”
(A-F Records)

Chris #2, Anti-Flag’s bassist, busts out with his side project Whatever it Takes on this nineteen-track opus.  The release combines the heavy, snotty punk that characterized “A Fistful of Revolution” with the more stripped down “Stars & Skulls EP”.  The result?  Pretty solid.  Chris #2’s voice is as harrowed and as gritty as ever, and a few of the tracks, particularly those on “Skulls”, showcase his maturing songwriting skills, as well as an ear for improved acoustics and understatement.  Seeing as how both albums are hopelessly out of print, here’s a great opportunity to pick up a little punk n’ roll; two for the price of one.  How sweet is that?