Review: Trapdoor Fucking Exit

Trapdoor Fucking Exit
““Be Not Content””
(No Idea)

Sweden’s Trapdoor Fucking Exit play straightforward high energy post-hardcore punk.  Sounds pretty average right?  Wrong!  On the surface their music is often a chaotic bundle of energy, but listening closer an album full of original and intricate musicianship is revealed.  Their second full length, “Be Not Content,” quickly shifts from pounding rhythms to off-time tempo changes and choppy guitars, with smart lyrics about not being content, among other things.  Thick open chords accented with single note lead guitars at times reminiscent of Swiz or Ink and Dagger help drive singer Henke Anderson’s raspy vocals through the fray.  “Inherit the Inheritance” and the intricate and energetic “Short Term Investment” are a couple of the best tracks here, and the chaos of “Bastard Plan” just wouldn’t be the same without the a-melodic saxophone.  This is some of Sweden’s best.