Review: Wanted Dead

Wanted Dead
(Chunksaah Records)

More than one punk band has proclaimed punk rock’s immortality and Wanted Dead is no exception. The first track off Repercussions screams “Punk rock will never die!” The only difference between every other punk band and Wanted Dead is that I believe them when they say “Punk rock will never die!” As long as these four guys are driving around in their station wagon and
unleashing their relentless rock on the masses, I can rest assured that punk is living the good life.

Repercussions is fast, furious and spitting in your face at every turn. The album’s liner notes contain a short thank you list from the band that reads: “Wanted Dead would like to thank no one for nothing! Fuck You!” Every song is teeming with violence and conjures images of mosh pits filled with broken bones, shirtless guys, fondled girls and bloody faces.

The only downside to Repercussions is the similarity between songs. But when has true punk been about giant leaps in style on a single album? Wanted Dead sounds like The Voodoo Glow Skulls without the brass. They cram 15 songs into 28 minutes and 31 seconds. Most of the songs clock in under two minutes and the longest epic is two minutes and 36 seconds.

Wanted Dead  doesn’t fuck around. They get to the point, they say and play fast and don’t give a shit about you or your friends.