Review: Waiting for Autumn

Waiting for Autumn
““Now I Know forever””
(American Jealousy)

What a truly emo name.  I remember back in the day there was this website that basically spelled out how to name an emo band and it was very informative about the history and roots of emo.  This was way before emo was cool though.  And well, whether or not this band was going for it, they have spanned the whole history of emo on this album.  Emo started as a sort of hardcore with screaming and very emotional actions such as breaking equipment and bodily harm on stage (emotion can be more than whining, right?).  Most of these bands were from Boston and different parts of California.  The first emo bands separated themselves from both punk and metal because they had punk roots, a metal attitude, and an ability to spark feeling through vocals (and all hated to be called emo).  The first time I heard a Samiam album, it made me cry.  Then emo evolved and has come to be so many different things today.

Waiting for Autumn has tracks ranging from (modern day) hardcore screaming to beautiful emo rock ballads ala Americana.  It’s safe to say true emo is not what most people think it is and that Waiting for Autumn is fairly close to home.  More than a decade behind its time and unfortunately more people have or will probably hear this album than so many of the greats.  Certainly done before, but almost amiable.