Review: Unearthly

“Infernum – Prelude to a New Reign”
(Crash Music)

The CD opens with a man, most likely a preacher, professing loudly, “I believe in God!  I believe in God!” and then we are treated to the sounds of a machine gun opening fire and putting a quick halt to the preacher’s confession of faith.  The band is dead set on proving the glory of hell, revealing Jesus to be a poseur and fighting with swords and axes, killing Christians willy-nilly, for their great cause.

They’re like a satanic parallel to George W. Bush who wants the Christian soldiers of America to stomp all over the Muslim infidels in the Middle East.  There’s no two ways about it, Unearthly are a bunch of fucking fascists.  Preaching the slaughter of others based solely on the fact that their beliefs are different from yours is wrong.  Preaching such across the board hate is wrong, uncalled for and entirely inappropriate.  The bullshit Unearthly vomits forth from their uneducated and unenlightened guts has no place in my world.  Go worship your goat-God in peace and shut the fuck up you fascist pigs.