Review: Volume

“Requesting Permision to Land”
(Highbeam Music)

Time to break out the intergalactic space suits and the bong rips cause’ here comes Volume. I’ve never been quite to sure what fuzzy guitars and a classic rock vibe had to do with space travel but apparently there’s some connection that I haven’t quite been able to make. “Requesting permission to land” has a sound extremely reminiscent of early Fu Manchu records, which is pretty cool.  Fuzzy psychadelic guitars, pounding drums, which are played by current Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder (it was just a one time deal, Scott needed some cash, or so I’ve heard).  The album rocks pretty hard and will have lots of appeal to all you “Stoner rock” fans.  The countdown has already started so dust that bowl and jump on board, next stop: Trippyville.