Review: Trenchmouth

“More Motion:  A Collection”
(Thick Records)

This sound is very groovy, and by very groovy I mean very groovy in a dancing sort of way.  Mixed in are the fast, raw, frantic shreds that can sometimes sound like it was recorded in the same way.  Trenchmouth rocks songs that make me initially think of the style created and perfected by the likes of *gasp* Fugazi.  Not lame enough to completely rip off these bands, “More Motion:  A Collection” is a really good record.  Complete with bass lines that are amazingly thought provoking, drums that make you want to dance and wiggle, guitar lines and harmonizing vocals, this release makes me glad that I learned of this band.  This greatest hits album commemorates the Chicago band that broke up in 1998.  The album also includes a short bio of the band in the liner notes and a listing of all of the cities that they have played.  Overall, this record is a pretty good tribute to Trenchmouth, and one need not dig any deeper than the songwriting to arrive at that conclusion.