Review: Vaz

“Dying to Meet You”
(Gold Standard Laboratories)

The two-man-band is becoming a trend. Vaz is another duo who is on the duet wagon, but they aren’t sitting by Jack and Meg. Vaz opens with “They’ve Won” which pulls memories of The Cure out of my head. the Cure influence is most evident in Apollo Liftoff’s (I’ll bet donuts to dollars that isn’t his real
name) vocals. Liftoff and drummer Deft Garlands have a fast shuffle moving constantly through their sound. Imagine a millipede running as fast as it can through a crowded room. It turns left and right avoiding feet, trying to find comfort in a dark corner. If the millipede could sing, Vaz is what would come from its mouth.

Aside from The Cure at the start of Dying to Meet You, Vaz is really breaking new ground. Their lyrics touch on death frequently and could be the voice over for a remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. “White Wall” is a minute long ode to a white wall. Liftoff explains, briefly that “This wall could be a canvas. If it wasn’t such a wall.” Quick, simple, profound. Dying to Meet You successfully delivers a new slice of artsy rock from a duo that isn’t trying to be The White Stripes, even though they are riding on the same wagon.