Review: How We Rock

Various Artists
“How We Rock”
(Burning Heart Records)

A big ol’ heaping hunk of rock and roll.  The greasy rock.  The dirt on the grill, blood in the gears rock and roll.  Most of the bands here, work with an accessible 4 chord, beer-drinking rock formula.  Being gathered from the contemporary (or very recent) rock scene, it’s the over the top attitude of most of these bands that gives their rock the sweaty charm.  Anyone who thinks rock is dead needs to check out this compilation to realize the only thing that’s dead, is the media recognizing the worth of good guitar blastin’ rock and roll.  Many big players in the rock game are represented here.  Zeke, Dwarves, The Hellacopters, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Supersuckers, Electric Frankenstein and Rocket From the Crypt make up less than half of what is offered here.  If you recognize those names, you know what kind of rock I’m talking about.  Pure garage rock with almost punk rock speeds and definitely a punk rock attitude to a lot of this.  Solid gathering of tunes all the way through and I declare this ‘The Best Rock and Roll Compilation of 2002’.  Rock on.