Review: Various Artists

Various Artists
“Rock VS Rap”
(Cleopatra Records)

As the disc notes, it began with Anthrax and Public Enemy doing a metal version of “Bring the Noise” (which also starts out this comp).  The merger of rap and rock, right or wrong, was put in motion.  In the end, it’s a genre that sometimes works, but is painful to watch when it’s gutted and marketed through inept musicians trying to cash in on the new flava.  This disc more represents the two genres interpreting each other, rather than trying to meld the two.  Meaning, rap artists take a shot at some rock songs, some rock artists bust out on some rap songs.

“Deep Cover” is hardened by Candiria.

Throwdown crushes “Baby Got Back”.

“Hey Joe” is restyled by Big B Featuring John E (of OPM).

“The Devils Crown” gets worked hard by KRS-ONE.

“The Hot Shit” gets a snotty rock over by Mellow Man Ace Featuring Willie Maze.

“Ace of Spades” gets kind of pissed on by Sen Dog (of Cypress Hill) Featuring Kurt Gravelle.

“Unclean” gets a mechanical makeover by KRS-ONE VS. Pitbull Daycare.

15 tracks total.  And you know who wins?  I say the rock, and before the gangstas wanna start a fight, let me explain why.  When the rock guys do the rap song, they do the song, but make it harder.  When the rap guys do the rock song, they basically rip off the chorus and the main hook, then toss away the original lyrics and insert their own.  And they are not as cool as the original, no matter how hard you think you are spitting them.  I’d like to see them attempt to put some flow to the original lyrics, the same way the rock guys put their edge on the rap lyrics.

So there, rock wins.  I called it.  Decent comp though.