Review: The Mooney Suzuki

The Mooney Suzuki
“Electric Sweat”

It’s so great to know the kids still know how to rock.  Firmly rooted in the dirty 60’s garage rock, The Mooney Suzuki kick out the jams all MC5 style.  Full on, balls out, rock and roll.  Big fast riffs, kicking drums, screaming guitar solos and sassy ass rhyming lyrics that are as hot as the tubes in those amps.

It’s catchy, ass moving rock and roll.  Rarely slows down.  They’ve got a great sense of call and return with backing vocals.  Songs that start out raging manage to build themselves up into even bigger climaxes.  Handclaps are not out of the question if it gets the beat moving.  Not every song here is a total winner, but the few that are tired are blown away by the jams that are righteous.  The song formulas of the late 60’s and early 70’s are obvious enough but they’re filtered through some hip garage somewhere in New York.  There’s even a surf rock keyboard instrumental odyssey.

The Mooney Suzuki not only know a good hook, they can rock it up and down, call it a slut and point at it and laugh as it begs for more.  If you like the spicy rock and roll, you can’t miss with The Mooney Suzuki.  They are wise. “In a young mans mind, it’s a simple world, there’s a little room for music and the rest is girls”.