Review: Unsung Zeros

Unsung Zeros
“Fading Out”
(Eulogy Recordings)

Insipid, boring “punk” rock.  These zeros deliver clichéd lyrics delivered by a kid who probably gets dropped off in his mom’s Minivan before school and a couple of guitars played by band geeks.  Maybe I’m being a little overly judgmental of this five track EP, but it’s this sort of Newfound Glory-esque rock that really rubs me the wrong way.  The lyrics could just as easily be sung by Celion Dion as by…let me check the jacket…Josh Bonner.  Is his last name really Bonner?  Damn, poor kid.  It’s no surprise that there’s a cover of Phil Collins’ ‘Invisible Touch’ on here, either.  I can see the four kids in gym class racking their brains for an ’80s hit they’re barely old enough to remember to cover for “the new record”.  “Hey, how about ‘Wherever You Go’ by Richard Marx?” Jason says.  “No way, Man!  Let’s do ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper!” Zach retorts.  “Oh, I know, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ by Lionel Richie!” Jerry chimes in.  “Guys, please,” Bonner, the natural leader, interrupts, “we’re doing Phil Collins and that’s all there is to it.”  And while Bonner and his annoying falsetto croon out the vocals, the band geeks wonder what might have been had they decided on Huey Lewis’ ‘Power of Love’.