Review: 18 Visions

18 Visions

Hardcore with the edges smoothed out in all the right places.  Or, incredibly aggressive indie rock.  Vocals that can peal the paint or rally the lyrics with clarity.  Impressive range that really shows how much more a hardcore band can achieve with a vocalist who has some talent.  But past fans fear not, Jimmy’s hard as nails yelp is still intact, it just laced with a more spoken shout, and a razor clean yell for the big impact choruses.  Musically this walks a beautiful line between relentless pummels of crushing riffage and more melodic indie rock constructions.  Hatebreed comparisons are valid in the guitar attack, but the vocals are of a higher nature and are shooting for an entirely varied approach.  18 Visions should tour with Atreyu.  Fans of Diecast’s hardcore meets metal hybrid should find a kindred spirit in 18 Visions.  Speed blasts of guitar and drums surface often to show the intensity of the extreme metal influence warping this hardcore outfit out of control.  Song after song caught me off guard with its sheer intensity.  The 10% of songs that break out into something you might hear on the radio show the band could play it clean with talent enough to hit the airwaves, but would rather bitch slap the songs around and scream and agitate their own aggressive creation.  This gets so metal at times, it seems to almost to explode.  This shatters the shell of hardcore and with that peppering of melodic pretty, gives 18 Visions a shine that blinding.  The only improvement might be a more engaging production, as the songs heavy guitars all hit with the same tone.  The last, uncredited track is a surprise with its dreamy guitars and sway of dripping, breathy vocals.  Layers of echo on everything and it sweetly jams in a loud Fuel meets late career Pink Floyd sort of way.  Out of step with this release, but a convincingly dulcet number I commend them for including.  It basically justifies the tear your head off line of attack the sonics on this album command as a chosen path 18 Visions proudly travels, even though the golden path of radio and money would obviously be available to them.