Review: Type O Negative

Type O Negative
“Life is Killing Me”
(Roadrunner Records)

How beautifully bleak Type O Negative paints their world.  Underneath the hard rock coating, there is a smooth sadness, a dark illumination, a depression-induced moment of clarity.  The effect is most punctuated by Peter Steele’s deep baritone voice that is as rich as it is gloomy.  Listen to sentiments woven through “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” as spacey keyboards command some leads and the tempo clips along with muted guitars that just pump through this number with much energy.  It’s the contradiction of the “negative” imagery and vibe that emanates from Typo O Negative being filtered through such passion to convey these feelings that makes the band such a unique additional to hard rock.

They have metal chops, but it’s the inescapable thick, dark, coagulation of nasty stuff that they manage spur into this miserably grandiose vision of metallic rock that elevates their worth.  Peter can even depress himself over female television characters (cartoon and otherwise) as the versus of “How Could She?” are basically lists of the women about which he wonders why they don’t love him anymore (example, the second verse is:  Ginger, Mary Anne, Mrs. Howell, Samantha Stevens, Lieutentant Uhura, Judy Jetson, Olive Oyl, Ethel Mertz, Edith Bunker, Marilyn Munster, Rhoda, Penny Robinson).  And there are two other versus with different names.  Bizarre.  Totally bizarre.

Their previous “World Coming Down” release was nothing short of brilliant and perfect for coke-induced crashes inspired by the miserable feeling of life and loss.  “Life is Killing Me” will finish the job and leave you slit wrested on the floor, smearing out works of art to rival Picasso with your own bloods last dying breath.

“How many times must I say I’m not sorry… and how many ways must I show I don’t care.”

Fuck yeah, Peter.  Sing it brother.