Review: Turbonegro

“Scandinavian Leather”

This band needs no more positive media feedback, but what the hell; I have to give it to them.  Turbonegro has already been the subject of a tribute album featuring covers of their songs performed by Queens of the Stone Age and Nashville Pussy among others(QOTSA handle “Back to Dungarere High” brilliantly whereas Nashville Pussy ass-up “Age of Pamparius” in a big way) and are set to explode bigger than ever as openers for QOTSA on their upcoming Us. tour.

Digression aside, the album opens nicely with a Police influenced intro, followed by a Moody Blues type vocal introduction (just as they had on “Apocalypse Dudes”) after that they bust into either a plagiarized or appropriated, depends on the school of thought you ascribe to, classic rock riff.  Now we’re blasting off firmly into Turbonegro territory.  They take the best elements of good seventies cock oriented rock and punk and venomously spit it back out.  They are a true joy and each consecutive album finds them moving further into rock and roll than the last.  Thus, from aggressive Poison Idea-esque punk they’ve transformed into a straightforward rock and roll band.

“Scandinavian Leather” on the first couple of listens didn’t seem to compare in quality to “Apocalypse Dudes” but after repeated listens it does begin to sink in.  My internal jury is still out, but ultimately I think the jury will hold that “Apocalypse Dudes” was a peak and “Scandinavian Leather” is certainly a leveling off, but either way this baby is getting stuck in the player more than any other disc I received this month or this year.

I have erection!