Review: Travoltas

““Endless Summer””

This disc comes from the twelve year veterans the Travoltas heralding from the Netherlands.  “Endless Summer” is their sixth full-length release and only a small part of their illustrious career outside the US.  (Just proves it’s hard to crack the US barrier if you aren’t British or say you are like The Strokes and many others.)  I guess indie music is indie music no matter what country the music is coming from.  I imagine these guys are pretty popular close to home.  The best way to describe their sound is infectious 60s style surf punk with synth-pop keys.  The lyrics are candid and delivered with clarity by lead singer Perry and the music, although a bit power chordy, is greatly improved by the keys and excellent drumming.  I really like the title track “Endless Summer” and another instant classic “Liv Tyler” (who I bet they wish would do the video).  Fans of Weezer’s good music, Teen Heroes, The Rentals and the like will really enjoy this band.  Think of The Beach Boys if they grew up in the 70s and 80s and were from Europe and that is the Travoltas.  This disc is great so support their invasion by going to your local independent record store and getting their new album “Endless Summer.”