Review: Sugarcult

“Start Static”
(Ultimatum Records)

This album has been out since early this year and I’m kind of glad it was lost in the sea of CDs at Modern Fix and I get the opportunity to talk about it now. “Start Static” is in the top three of my favorite albums of ’02.  Each and every song is just perfect.  Their first single “Stuck in America” was originally released just before Sept. 11 and was one of the many songs taken off the radio because of the lyrics “everybody’s talking ’bout blowing up the neighborhood.”  “Bouncing off the Walls” with it’s poppy, up-beat, sing-song front found it’s way to be the title track of the “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” movie, and continues to be their radio and MTV2 hit.  Although “Bouncing off the Walls” seems to be so happy – actually listening to the lyrics proves it’s actually about doing cocaine.  “Lost In You” is Sugarcult’s version of a love song, and it works, the girls love it.  “Hate Every Beautiful Day” starts off with the sound of powerful guitar thrusting, quick drums then rather somber vocals – which transition into an almost helpless round of screams.  “Pretty Girl (The Way)” is an attempt to jump into the head of a female and view, for once, how she is feeling in a broken relationship. “Crashing Down” and “I Changed My Name” swing into mellow mode as the album comes to an end.  In between the two more serious tracks lies “How Does It Feel” which carries a more rock ‘n’ roll sound.  All around an excellent album that includes every possible element for greatness.