Review: Tim Bluhm

Tim Bluhm
““The Soft Adventure / Colts””
(California Recordings)

This guy just proves to me how much music there is out there and how little I actually get to hear.  There are just so many bands I wish I had time for, but somehow they fall through the cracks and I never get to hear their jaw dropping jams or understand their take on life.  Embarrassingly enough Tim Bluhm has been making records either solo or with his band Mother Hips for 13 years and in California no less.  It’s bad enough I’’ve never heard of him, but God damn, this guy is from Los Angeles.

Tim is what you call a “floater” because he lives in his van with his surfboard and drives all over California living off the fat of the land and what not.  This provides for a whole range of topics on his two combined extended plays (Colts from 1996 and Soft Adventure form his most recent recordings).  While “The Soft Adventure” is more up beat with faster tempos and generally is about life, “Colts” is very sad country mixed with music epiphanies about life’s beauty.  I especially like “Life In The City” and “Sadness of the Masses”.  It’s never too late to be introduced to an American classic.