Review: The Kinison

The Kinison
“Mortgage Is Bank”

There was this newspaper that once called At The Drive-In the “New Nirvana.” When the band got a hold of it, they called the journalist up on the carpet and then proceeded to tear the issue to shreds in front a packed house. While the band’s ever-so-raucous behavior was called for, after hearing bands like The Kinison, one has to wonder just how far off the mark that paper was. So many clone bands (not that ATDI weren’’t aping scenesters from years before) have sprung up since then and The Kinison are the pop/punk contingent.

Bouncy songs with the odd influx of sonic dissonance (that’s like, distortion and guitar noise for the less “rock geeky” out there) are well done but just not inventive enough to really make you cream your jeans. They’’d be the band you patiently sit though to catch like, Converge or something.