Review: Tiger Army

Tiger Army
“Early Years”
(Hellcat Records)

Re-releases are cool right now.  If re-releases were muscles they’d be abs.  Everyone wants great abs and everyone seems to be falling all over each other, trying to get the most recent re-release by the Butt Water Five, or whoever it might happen to be.  This six-track EP by Tiger Army comprises some of the first tunes Tiger Army ever recorded.  Their psychobilly style isn’t as developed as it is now, but it’s clear the basis for their sound hasn’t been drastically altered over the years.  With the possible exception of the Misfits “American Nightmare” cover, there aren’t any jaw dropping tracks that really make you want to rush to the repeat button on your player.  The stand-up bass and snare drum running continually through out the album eventually wear thin, but you greasers out there with all of the Reverend Horton Heat releases out there will surely want to gobble this one up.  Personally, I already have great abs, so re-releases do absolutely nothing for me.