Review: The Break / Let it Burn

The Break / Let it Burn
(Doghouse Records)

The Break and Let it Burn each contribute three tracks to this here split, full of straight ahead rock and/or roll.  The Break definitely have got their roots in the thick bass lines and hooks of eighties New York styled rock, with all the trappings.  “We Live Without Sleep” is a pretty generic power ballad with a few kicks and punches thrown in for fun, while “Alone With You” is an unabashed swill fest celebrating the gritty demise of a relationship.

Let it Burn has got a singer whose voice doesn’t really inspire me to do much more than hit the skip button after a few minutes.  Their first track, “I Believe in Love”, sadly, is not that one Cher song that your mom digs, but instead one of those songs that’s trying really hard to stoke you out but instead just pisses you off.