Review: The Boston Massacre Part II

Various Artists
“The Boston Massacre Part II”
(Rodent Popsicle Records)

For the pure punk in you, this is the shit.  All of these songs were previously only available on 7″ vinyl.  What’s vinyl?  I KNOW there is some 12 year old kid reading this asking that.  If you got to ask, you can’t play it.  But now you can, all gathered nice and neat on this here CD.  Here’s the rundown:  Toxic Narcotic.  2 Songs.  “Asshole” and “Shut The Fuck Up”.  The attitude reflects the song titles.  Fast as fuck punk rock that rips through you like one of those AM/PM burgers.  ‘Experienced’ garage punk rock.  A Global Threat:  (2 songs) Again, super fast, rather tin high guitars, crank it through punk rock.  The Profit$:  A band whose name is fun to type cause you get to use that $ symbol, and contributes 5 songs to this comp.  A girl singer who leads this fearlessly (although there is a guy singer in there who steps up a lot and even leads a track or two).  A sloppy charm and poli-punk ideals firmly intact, the Profit$ are a worthy addition to any real punkers collection.  Tommy and the Terrors:  (4 Songs) A more rawk and roll kind of punk.  Good intros, standard songs.  Yelling singer.  You are getting the idea of the meal being served here on this disk.  Lost Cause:  (8 songs) Singer reminds me of a punk version of Dicky Barret (vocalist for Might Mighty Bosstones) fronting a harder punk, that works doses of pop melodies into guitar lines, making Lost Cause the most danceable, but not most moshable punk band on this comp.  This is a meaty and tasty burger, cause each bands offers more than one song.  I think my jean jacket grew some metal studs just listening to this.