Review: Superdrag

““Last Call For Vitriol””
(Arena Rock Recording Co)

After getting the feeling sucked out of them, Superdrag nearly fell off the map.  The band was chewed up and spit out by major label Electra, but against all odds they are back with their second effort on Arena Rock Recording Co and fourth full length to date.  These guys have some new “gusto!” or “spice!” that I really like.  Put your fingers together so that the finger tips are touching each other, put it to your mouth, and kiss your tips while moving your hand away and spreading your finger tips.  The lyrics on this album are true and delivered with sincerity.  The guitars are sprinkled with grunge and fuzz style distortion and complement the lyrics as if there is no other way.  Track 7 “Way Down Here Without You,” keeps popping into my head in the middle of the day.  Not that I mind though because it is a phenomenal track.  It seems this band grew up and through becoming independent their sound was refined (but not redefined).  There are many bands that can only dream about sounding this good.