Review: Subincision


Don’t let the jerkwater cover art fool you, this is one fun CD.  Subincision play Gilman-style punk in the vein of Op Ivy (minus the horns) and a sprinkle of older Black Flag.  The seventeen songs are simple and don’t offer much in the way of inventiveness, originality or lyricism.  So why do I like it?  Because it’s how punk should be.  Sure, I’m a sucker for the slickly produced oohs and aahs in what passes for punk these days, but sometimes it’s great to get back to the “make a band first and learn how to play later” ethos.  Admit it, you like it too.

If you and your friends got together and started a band, this is what it would sound like, only you probably wouldn’t be able to write a song as silly as “Kerouac” or get the two-tone beats just right.  But you’d definitely have songs like “12 Pack Girlfriend” because we can all relate to that.  Anyway, Subincision is a pretty fun band and I just checked on Amazon and they’re currently 243,924th on their bestseller list.  Why not pick this up and boost them all the way up to 243,923rd?  Come on, do us all a favor and pick the CD over another burrito.