Review: Soul Obsession

Various Artists
“Soul Obsession”
(Cookin’ Records)

What’s all this then? LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Label is tossing out this nice tasty bit of 70’s soul on it’s outlet “Cookin’ Records”. It’s all heavy grooves with nice tid bits of percussion and ear candy to keep you interested and planted to your bean bag with only the slightest urge to get up and go frolic. Of course, being of 70’s nature there are some excellent breaks that will work well on certain dance floors and definitely take you off into daydream land when you’re on your next road trip or easing to sleep on an early Sunday morning after an all nighter.

“Hand Polished” by Conceptually Confused is a perfect example with its acoustic bassline and snappy crispy hats and snares.  You can hear the influence of the Good Looking style in the pads and ambiences and it all works well in this environment. Good stuff and a comp well worth checking out. There isn’t a let down on this comp so just go buy it and start the head nodding or rub your girl’s belly and have a happy time.