Review: Streetlight Manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto
“Everything Goes Numb”
(Victory Records)

Hope your ready to skank it up, because Streetlight Manifesto is here to put band patches back onto your cardigans.  Ska-punks are going to have a fuckin’ field day with this record.  I can already see the Indiana Jones hats, and checkered suspenders in full effect.

Complete with several horns, a plentitude of hey! hey’s!, and aggresive ska/punk guitars “Everything Goes Numb” is ideal for fans of Voodoo Glow Skulls, Real Big Fish, etc.   Don’t get me wrong, these are not substandard musicians.  There are good harmonies, tip-top horns, intresting bridges, quick drum chops, and praiseworthy vocals.

I can’t explain why seeing people skank has always made me laugh.  Oh wait, yeah I can. It’s because it looks goofy, and I’m a prick.  Ska-punks buy this record and a black and white suit, you’ll be ready to get those elbows up.