Review: Squirtgun

“Fade to Bright”
(Honest Don’s Records)

Well, Squirtgun has obviously gone FUBU because “Fade to Bright” showcases members of The Ataris, Big in Japan, Anti-Flag, the Groovie Ghoulies, Allister, Teen Idols, and quite a few others.  Why? Because, honestly, Squirtgun doesn’t really have what it takes to stand on their own.

Matt Hart’s vocals are adequate, Flav Giorgini’s guitar is a thousand miles from impressive and the effort as a whole lacks any sort of direction or even a creative spark.  “Trial and Error” bears witness to the clumsy lyrics throughout “Fade to Bright” as Hart croons, “And I’m laying in my bed/ And there’s scary thoughts in my head/ ‘Cause I’m leaving, are you staying with me?”

Well, I can’t speak for your lady friend there Matt, but I most certainly am moving on.  I’ve got a Jay-Z/Beyonnce/Pharrell/Method Man/Bananarama video to watch.