Review: sHeavy

(The Music Cartel)

I don’t even know where to begin with this record.  It bathes in 20 year old water and comes up thinking it smells like roses.  Technically nothing is wrong with it.  It’s full of chunky riffs and note on performances but it sounds like bar-room rock and roll being played by old people stuck on Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Metal Church.  Old people? They aren’t that old but I think you get the drift.  I just can’t explain the vocal sound. It isn’t nasally or weedy.and actually on the mellower tracks sounds quite good in a Trent Resnor kind of way until it some how goes all Ozzy-like on ya.  There are some catchy moments and use of processing to good effect but none of that overwhelms the shortcomings of this music enough to make it leap out of its cage.which it really, truly wants to do.  Maybe this stuff is big in Belgium which is where the albumn was recorded and mixed.if so then I guess it RAWKS!