Review: Selby Tigers

Selby Tigers
The Curse of the Selby Tigers”
(Hopeless Records)

[Sometime in March]
Bushman: Have you heard of the Selby Tigers?
PR: Hmm. I think so. There’s a bunch of _____ Tigers bands
Bushman: These guys are on Hopeless.
PR: Yeah, didn’’t they like tour with the Cure, or Cult, or something?
Bushman: That’s the Flying Tigers… pull your head out of your ass.
PR: Fuck off. Gimmie the CD

[May 24th, after non-stop listening]
PR: …I’m telling you, this band fucking rips.
Girlfriend: Let me hear.

[PR plays album]
Girlfriend: They are ripping off Rudimentary Peni!
PR: Bah.
Girlfriend: No, they are. Check this out.

[Searches for RP album in massive CD pile]
Girlfriend: Here, just play any song.

[both listen to a few RP tracks]
Girlfriend: See?
PR: No. I mean, I kinda see what you mean. They’ve got that slower, gritty rock thing happening, and the guy’s vocals are similar, but the girl really brings the vocals out. I think, if anything, it sounds like those dual vocal songs that Blatz did with that one bitch from Bikini Kill or whatever.
Girlfriend: Bitch?
PR: Just kidding. You know I got all the love for Bikini Kill.
Girlfriend: I still think they are ripping off RP.
PR: Well, whatever. Selby Tigers aren’t like 100% original; you can tell they’ve got some influences and motivation from that style of music. Nevertheless, this CD sounds way better then RP’s albums do in terms of production. Its way clear… you can like really hear their music. And her vocals go really well with his.
Girlfriend: Let’s have sex.
PR: Rad.