Review: Scissorfight “Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare”

“Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare”
(Tortuga Recordings)

Hands down, one of the best grumbly, grungy rock bands out there.  I don’t mean ‘grunge’ like the overused term to describe any band from the 90’s that came from the Pacific Northwest, but rather, the grunge that ends up under your fingernails after drinking too much and then getting into at least three bar fights.  A dirty sleaze that is most appealing.  I often refer to Scissorfight as “hicks from New Hampshire” that probably drink as well as they rock.

Everything they create has this low-down and dirty rumble to it that just rocks the doors off of most anything else that claims to ‘rock’ (when in fact, most ‘rock’ is just blues scales turned up real loud).  Singer Jarvis bellows throaty howls that smack of hard living experience.  I truly believe this bands leads the life it sings about, which is mostly reflected in their aesthetic.  John Deere and Mac Trucks baseball caps, beards and a greasy overall effects lend to the gutter-hick rock and roll Scissorfight excels in.  Dirty and ugly with a fat groove, Scissorfight will bludgeon you with their hunter instincts and rebel executions.  This band will be on the cover of Modern Fix someday soon. (ed note: and they were. Issue #33 of Modern Fix Magazine).