Review: Ramallah

“But A Whimper”
(Bridge Nine)

Catchy anthem-like hardcore laced with punk speeds.  Earning their oft-dropped comparisons to Hatebreed, it’s all about speeding it up just to break it down.  Catchy, if not overly-simplified lyrics snap to attention consistently.  The guitars riff and crunch most aggressively and the drum production is huge to match the thunderous mountain of percussion that backs Ramallah.  And there is some lyrical shit-stirring for the literate to analyze.  The higher, whined voice is that plays into the mix on occasion spices up the generally monotone bark of Rob Lind.

Mr. Lind (after closer examination) is pretty much the sole force behind Ramallah.  Commanding all instruments except for the drums, the other contribution comes from the aforementioned vocal cameos by J. Bannon of Converge.  So what was pretty impressive, is now a jaw-droppingly cool example of ‘fuck you all, I’ll do it myself’ attitude.  Bravo Mr.Lind.  You created a monster of such caliber, you should have no problem filling in the slots if you want to take this out live and develop it as a band.  Or better yet, fuck them all, and just make more cool metalcore like this.  Whatever it takes, man.  It’s working.  (oh yeah, if you didn’t get the name drop, Rob Lind is also founding member and sole song writer for Boston’s Blood for Blood and frontman for Sinners and Saints).  This guy must poop hardcore in his sleep.