Review: The Red Hot Valentines

The Red Hot Valentines
““Calling Off Today””
(Polyvinyl Record Co.)

These new enhanced discs with a video and extras are pretty cool.  RHV have a video of a killer song ‘“Bring Back The Good Times’” that isn’’t even on the regular three track disc.  On the video the band is performing in front of some hommies at a quaint venue and the crowd is really getting down and shaking their booties.  However, the crowd seems a little young which makes me concerned that RHV is a little teeny boppy, but what the hell (right?).  There are only so many ways you can write the power pop punk formula.  Personally, I think the best is vocal harmonies with poppy choruses and some type of keys.  If you like things the way I do you’ll like this record.  Polyvinyl won’’t steer you wrong.