Review: San Serac

San Serac
““Human Savagery Is A Slippery Slope””
(Frog Man Jake Records)

This is just about the weirdest collection of music I have ever heard.  I mean it’s not hard for me to understand what Nat Rabb is trying to do on his album, but I’m just trying to figure out why the hell he would want to go there.  San Serac sounds like Steely Dan minus the steely.  Almost any of the songs on this album would fit in great on that new Grand Theft Auto “Vice City” game because of the deranged 80s feeling.  I mean Nat should send a copy of “Human Savagery Is A Slippery Slope” to Don Johnson directly.  If you have Don’s address you can reach San Serac at the web site below.  As for me I am truly speechless.