Review: Richard Buckner

Richard Buckner
(Overcoat Recordings)

It’s hard to place a finger on the infamous Richard Buckner who is probably most well known for his first album on MCA “Devotion and Doubt” which was arguably one of the founding records of the movement.  One of the reasons “Devotion and Doubt” was heralded as a groundbreaking album is that it was really sad like most country music is.  After a second album on MCA the label dropped Richard for not selling millions of records and he has been moving around ever since.

The first thing one might notice about the new album “Impasse” is that Richard can still make a grown man cry.  There are definitely country overtones throughout the album including the ever present slide guitar which music enthusiasts will either love or hate (I would choose the former).  My depression ran deep after one listen, but I have grown to love this album.  “Impasse” may be filled with dark lyrical imagery and a sad overall musical feeling in terms of chord progressions, but Richard shows his audience, once again, what kind of man he really is and that is not easily accomplished.  This is one of the deepest albums I have ever had the pleasure of owning.