Review: Puerto Muerto

Puerto Muerto
(Action Driver)

You have to give it up for husband and wife duo Christa Meyer and Tim Kelley, better know as Puerto Muerto. In an era when lollipop rock and angst ridden songs fill the airways and pollute the underground, this Chicago duo have found a way to make an endearing concept album about pirates; or so it seems at least.

With the album containing gripping nuances ranging from Portishead to the Black Heart Procession and Matmos, Puerto Muerto seems to have crafted a sonic work of art on their sophomore release “Elena.”  Though guest musicians such as John Langford (The Mekons) appear on the album, it’s the beautiful and often operatic voice of Christa Meyer that carries the album throughout the its’ duration.

The spoken word intro “Mister Hartwake” may dismay listeners at first, but just skip that fucking track and get in touch with that semi-gothic/exotic side you know you have deep down inside of you.